5 for Leadership (4/5/14)

small__3559519488This week in 5 for Leadership we have posts dealing with the dumbing nature of leadership power, fresh leadership books, leadership development, managing leadership energy, and the pathway towards vibrant ministry. I hope you find something that will inspire your leadership!

7 Reasons Smart Leaders Get Dumb  “Power makes leaders dumb. The more power you gain the dumber you get. There are at least seven dumbing effects of power.” This is from Dan Rockwell–always good!

First Look: Leadership Books for April 2014  Each month the Leading Blog provides its readers with a peak at some new leadership books, each with a little bio and summary. Take a look for April.

Let’s Stop Pushing “Development” As A Cheap Replacement For Training  This is a very interesting perspective from the Great Leadership blog. Organizations must make wise budgetary decisions regarding employee development. But there are times when good, solid training is necessary. See what you think.

How To Create An Energy Management List And Why Every Leader Should Have One  Carey Nieuwhof provides us with a three step process to getting things done. The key is to manage our energy and not just our tasks. “The secret to increasing your joy: do what you’re best at when you’re at your best.”

3 Pillars of a Strong, Dynamic Ministry  “When it comes to leading a strong ministry and building a healthy church, it takes more than solid theology or smart strategy. In fact, it takes a combination of those, plus the Spirit’s leading and empowerment. I think of these three as pillars of a dynamic ministry.” This comes from Brandon Cox on his personal blog. Take a look at some of his other posts too.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy.

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