5 for Leadership (5/10/14)

small_101655312Here is a new 5 for early May. We have posts on Dog Trainer Leadership, First Chair Leadership, Kingly Leadership, Untrustworthy Leadership, and Event Leadership. Find something just for you.

How To Maximize Your Learning At Events  “As a leader, you probably find yourself attending many meetings, conferences, retreats, and networking events. These external connections serve a crucial function in your role as a spokesperson — and learner — on behalf of your organization.” Take a look at 5 questions that will help you maximize your events.

King Me  “Playing checkers as a child, the phrase “king me!” had a certain ring to it.  Other than the obvious potential for winning, there was a certain satisfaction in getting to that point in the game, some little pleasure in that one-up move.” Andrea Buczynski shares some rich leadership insights from Deuteronomy 17:14-20.

7 Considerations of Whether You’re Ready to be a First Chair Leader  Ron Edmondson provides some great insights about when to know you are ready–for greater leadership.

20 Habits of Untrustworthy Leaders  “It takes more than good character to be a trustworthy leader. Don’t trust leaders who can’t get the job done, even if they are wonderful people. An incompetent leader – who tells the truth – is an untrustworthy leader.” Read more from Dan Rockwell.

What My Dog Trainer Reminded Me About Leadership Michael Hyatt does a masterful job of relating a normal experience with daily leadership. Take a look at his three suggested actions.

There are the 5 for this week. Don’t forget to honor your mother this Sunday!

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