5 for Leadership (5/31/14)

small__176461247Here are 5 new posts on leadership. I am highlighting some new authors for me this week. Take a look and see if something scratches your itch.

10 Characteristics Of High Performing Teams  There are many paradigms available to provide a framework for high functioning teams. Our organization uses one that has a 6 fold approach. This list comes by way of a book by Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese entitled The Collaboration Imperative. Fresh paradigms keep our thinking and learning fresh.

Every Speaker Should Remember The Cynthia Test  There is always a premium on communication for every good leader. Here is a post that provides a simple test for the effectiveness of your leadership communication.

3 Invaluable Lessons One Business Leader Could Only Learn From A Church Plant  This is a guest post on Carey Nieuwhof’s blog by Chris Lema. “Over the course of the last twenty years I’ve helped start five software startups and five church plants. In each I’ve held executive level positions – paid in the software world and voluntarily in the church world.” Read what Chris has learned.

Leadership On Tap  This comes from Artie Davis. “The vision and the passion we communicate with those we lead is often just tapping.” See what Artie is talking about.

5 Successful Components of a Successful Leadership Equation  This final post comes from Geoff Surratt. Here is his driving question for this post, “What if we could find a simple but elegant theory of organizational leadership?” Geoff takes a solid shot at answering his own question–see what you think.

There are the 5 for this final day in May. Here’s to a great June!

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