5 for Leadership (6/28/14)

small__176461247Here is the latest 5 for Leadership. We have posts on leadership questions, leadership decisions, leadership trust, leadership lessons from WWI and the need for leaders to listen. Take a few minutes and see if there is something here for you.

Why Making Decisions Is So Hard  “Making decisions is one of the most difficult things we do.  If it is that hard to choose between the mint chocolate chip and the rocky road, how much more do we agonize over this church or that church, this school or that school, this job or that job, this person or that person?” Tim Challies provides some excellent insight into this common challenge. 

3 Ways To Tell Who You Can Trust In Leadership  “So who can you trust…I mean really trust in leadership? You’ve trusted people you thought you could trust, only to be disappointed or get burned (sometimes badly). You’ve decided not to trust someone, only to realize you were wrong and he or she was completely trustworthy, and you missed a great opportunity to grow your team.” Carey Nieuwhof gives us three solid principles on picking your next leader.

Questions That Make A Difference  This is a guest post by Lolly Daskal on Bib Tiede’s blog. This is an excellent post for any leader of any stripe, and you need to snoop around Bob’s web site. It is filled with quality material on the importance and skill of asking great questions.

The Outbreak of the First World War-Lessons for Leaders Today  Here is a eight and half minute video from Jon Chapman on leadership insights from WWI. This is in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of this oft forgotten conflict. This is a lesson in looking forward by looking back.

Leaders Listen  ” . . . I’m starting to consider that every Christian women’s conference is every Christian man’s business. The incarnation would have it no other way. Too long, we’ve mistakenly billed women’s issues as the concerns of women alone—when pastors and husbands, if they want to lead well, must lean attentively into the conversations women are having.” See what else Jen Pollock Michel has to say on this important topic.

There are the 5 for this week. I hope you celebrate well this week!

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