5 for Leadership (7/5/14)

lightstock_145564_medium_user_6473945Here is a fresh 5 for your Independence Day Weekend. We have posts on being a crabby leader, a communicating leader, a courageous leader–one post on fun facts about Independence Day, and an incredible video from a drone’s perspective during some fireworks. Enjoy!

Somebody Flew A Drone Into A Fireworks Display And This Is What Happened  I saw this posted on Paul Sohn’s (link to his blog) FB page and thought it was incredible. Take a look!

On Leadership and the Personal Courage Required to Be a Leader  Earlier this week I wrote a post on Two Types of Courage. Here is another take on this valuable leadership trait by Chris Stricklin on the Linked 2 Leadership blog. “To be successful, a leader must display both moral and physical courage. This is accomplished by showing a willingness to take calculated risks, acting independently, and demonstrating personal responsibility for their actions.”

7 Ways Not To Be A Crabby Leader  In what ways does our leadership pull down and prevent others from standing out of the crowd? Here are some ways to prevent being a ‘crabby’ leader.” This comes from a new blogger for me, Paul LaRue. Check out some of his other posts on his blog The UPwards Leader

Just Communicate-8 Communication Musts For The Modern Organization  “There is nothing quite as frustrating as not knowing. Especially when the not knowing is not knowing what should have been communicated. In every organization, there are moments when a person hears or reads a piece of information and they say, ‘how come I did not already know about this?’. Every such moment is a signal that there has been a failure to communicate.” There are some great principles here for any leader or organization.

9 Things You Should Know About Independence Day And The Declaration Of Independence  “July 4, 2014 will be America’s 238th Independence Day, the day Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Here are nine things you should know about America’s founding document and the day set aside for its commemoration.” Here is great post to provide you some final Independence Day reflection. 

There are the 5 for this week. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!


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  1. Paul Sohn
    Paul Sohn says:

    Glad you enjoyed the Fireworks Drone video. It was just brilliant. Hard to explain the beauty through words. Imagine the unparalleled beauty God has in store for us. 🙂


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