5 for Leadership (8/9/14)

small__7346703122Here is a fresh 5 for Leadership. This week we have posts on thankfulness, team questions, leadership courage, the leadership brain, and how to better prepare students for a world of unpredictability.

The Six Attributes of Courage  “Courage is something that everybody wants — an attribute of good character that makes us worthy of respect. From the Bible to fairy tales; ancient myths to Hollywood movies,our culture is rich with exemplary tales of bravery and self-sacrifice for the greater good.” See what else Melanie Greenberg has to say. There is a valuable application section at the end of the post. 

3 Valuable Insights Leaders Can Learn From Neuroscience  “If you’re trying to instill organizational change in your company, then you face not just a logistical shift, but a cultural challenge as well. Employees will have to think differently, see people differently, and act in new ways.” Tanveer Naseer makes some great connections between neuroscience and culture change.

Four Moments I Am Preparing Students To Face  “As I listen to and observe the faith journeys of former students and young adults, I often see pivotal moments along the way that constitute “make or break” tests of their faith. Discipling my students, I am preparing them for these four moments.” This is a great post by Cameron Cole for all who work with or are raising students.

25 People You Should Say Thank You To Today  “Thankfulness is a virtue that we often ignore. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little world that we forget to thank the people who have helped us the most. Then there are people who just simply need thanking to help them feel better about their own situation. Everyone likes to be appreciated.” Check out Ron Edmondson’s list–maybe there are some people on this list you need to thank. 

10 Questions Your Team Is Afraid To Ask  “You team has questions they’re afraid to ask. They’ve got limited information, but they figure if you wanted to tell them you would. They worry that raising the issue will look like insubordination, or somehow make them look less in your eyes. Maybe you can share, maybe you can’t. But that doesn’t make the questions go away. There is value in anticipating the questions that may be on people’s minds and to start the conversation.” This is great post from Karin Hurt that can definitely affect the culture of your team. 

There are the 5 for this week. Click through and learn something new and practical.

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