5 for Leadership (9/20/14)

medium_6208433197Here is a new 5 for Leadership. We have posts on mentoring, storytelling, collegiate ministry, credibility and of course Apple. There has to be something here for you. Read one or more posts and be encouraged in your leadership.

The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors  Dan Rockwell opens this post with this line, “Mentoring ignites boldness by answering doubt with relational learning.” That should be enough to force you to click on this one.

What Apple Gets Right With Its Smart Watch  “When people say Apple has built things people didn’t know they need, it’s not really true. Apple has built things that meet the needs people have always had. More than any other consumer company, Apple gets what people really, fundamentally need.” There are some strong leadership principles here-take a look.

Credibility Is The Foundation of Leadership  This is a guest post from Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner on Tanveer Naseer’s blog. Here is a quote to whet your appetite: “People are exceedingly clear about the qualities they expect leaders to demonstrate before they will enlist in a common cause and freely commit to action.”

The Power of Storytelling  “Stories are an integral part to communicating effectively with your employees. A great story goes a long way, because it’s memorable and helps create an emotional connection with the listener.  What we feel impacts what we do, so stories can be a great way to move employees to action.” David Grossman does a good job of showing the power of story and some practical ways to tell a good one.

7 Questions for Two College Pastors  “Why college ministry? What’s there to be excited about when it comes to college ministry in the local church? How does a church actually get after this kind of ministry, given all of the challenges? Two college pastors—from two very different ministry contexts—weigh in on these questions and more.” I lived and breathed collegiate ministry for over 25 years–so forgive me for pointing you towards some quality leadership advice in this arena. This comes from the Gospel Coalition Blog and contains some great insights.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy!

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