5 for Leadership (12/20/14)

medium_4307773668Here is a fresh 5 for Leadership on this Saturday before Christmas. We have leadership posts on leadership humility, self-awareness, leadership integrity, 12 practical leadership posts in line with the 12 days of Christmas, and a Christmas hymn from a leader of the 4th century.

12 Leadership Days of Christmas  “It may be my least favorite Christmas song (and I’m sorry if it is now stuck in your head), but two years ago I created a series of 12 blog posts inspired by the song. In the song 12 gifts are given, and in the series I gave all leaders who read them 12 gifts as well.” These are timeless posts from Kevin Eikenberry.

7 Powerful Qualities of Humble Leaders  “I heard brilliance from a twenty-something when I asked what humble leadership looks like. She said, ‘Humble leaders know they need others.'” Dan Rockwell connects the dots between humility and a drive to develop others.

How To Increase Self-Awareness In Our Leadership  “. . . researchers found that the employees that worked at poorly performing companies had on average 20% more blind spots as compared to those who worked at financially strong companies. Also, employees at poor-performing companies were 79% more likely to demonstrate low levels of self-awareness as compared to employees who worked at companies that were delivering a strong return on investment.” This quote should be enough to make you want to read more from Tanveer Naseer.

Intelligence is Important But Integrity Matters More  “When you think of leadership, you want a wise leader who is quick on their feet and sharp in their vision and intelligent in their decisions. But there is something that triumphs intelligence when it comes to leadership. Because even for the quickest, smartest, best leader, if they don’t have integrity all the intelligence is for naught.” Lolly Daskal always has foundational things to say concerning leadership–take a look.

Of The Father’s Love Begotten  Here is a piece from a leader past. His name is Aurelius Clemens Prudentius and lived during the 4th century. He was a lawyer turned hymn writer and poet. And you have never heard of him–but you should get to know him. Kevin DeYoung provides us with a great glimpse of this leader from the past and the words to one of his hymns that is profound for this time of year.

There are the 5 for this week. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you take the time to truly consider The Incarnation.

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