5 for Leadership (1/17/15)

medium_7419220612This week’s 5 for Leadership includes posts on an important movie for leadership, a collegiate quarterback on leadership, empowering leadership, future leadership, and women in leadership. Take a few minutes and grow your leadership.

What Marcus Mariota Teaches Us About Success  “But how do people like Mariota become so successful? Are there certain characteristics these people share that set them apart?? See what Michael Lee Stallard has to say about the outstanding quarterback of the Oregon Ducks.

Let Your Leaders Lead  ‘If you want a great culture in which leaders are excited, then do six simple things.” This is a guest post on Ron Edmondson’s blog by Tim Stevens. This is an important piece on empowerment and raising up more leaders.

2015 Leadership Predictions: 7 Big Changes Every Leader Wants to Know About  “Every leader knows the importance of being strategic.  Being strategic means looking into the future and identifying trends, opportunities and threats.” See what Dense Corcoran has to say as she peers into the future of leadership.

Women In Leadership Is Not A Zero-Sum Game  “When it comes to discussions on the state of today’s leadership, one topic that understandably comes up is the issue of women in leadership. Specifically, why there continues to be so few women holding senior-level leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.” This is really two posts in one. Tanveer Naseer rekindles the need we have to value women in leadership. Chelsea Berler shares her great learning in being a woman CEO of her own marketing firm. This is a great read.

‘Selma’: American History, Raw and Honest  Leaders need to be aware of current events as well as historical realities to lead well. Jason Collins provides some great insight through this post on the current movie Selma. Hope should always be a valued currency in the expression of leadership.

There are the 5 for this week. Prepare for next week by reading a few of the posts featured here.

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