5 for Leadership-April 25th


Here is a new 5 for Leadership. There is a powerful line up of great posts this week. The topics cover self-leadership, servant leadership, organizational culture, the nature of leadership power and authority, and sound advice for young leaders–some tasty morsels just for you.

Is It Organizational Culture or Is It Just A Cult?  “It’s open to debate what “organizational fit” or “organizational culture” really mean, let alone how we can measure it. What we do know is this: There are some cultural norms and values that define certain industries.” This comes from Julie Diamond on the Linked2Leadership blog and has some great points for consideration.

The Divided Will Always Be Separated  “Any leader who thinks that they can divide their personal and professional life is setting themselves up for disillusionment.” Lolly Daskal nails a fundamental principle of leadership. This is a must read.

3 Surprising Ways To Succeed in Self-Leadership  “It’s ironic that successful self-leadership has more to do with others and less to do with self. I learned this later in life.” Michael Lee Stallard passes on some life experiences that will point you straight toward servant leadership.

Becoming Powerful Makes You Less Empathetic  “How do people start out in pursuit of a dream and wind up aggrandizing themselves instead?  They reach a choke point, where they cross over from being generous with their power to using their power for their own benefit.” This comes from Lou Solomon on the HBR blog and contains 10 great questions for a self-awareness diagnostic.

5 Words of Encouragement to the Church Planter or Young Leader  “Recently I was able to share some encouragement with church planters in Chicago. Having been a planter twice, I understand the unique challenges facing planters. They are constantly struggling with leadership issues, finances and simply knowing what to do next. I get it. Most of what I know now came from experience and the wisdom of others. Many of the suggestions I shared are suitable for young leaders in any field.” Ron Edmondson shares timely advice for every young leader.

There are the 5  for this last week in April. Enjoy the weekend.

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