5 for Leadership-May 2nd


Here is a new 5 for Leadership for this first weekend in May. There are important posts on topics such as leadership decision making, Baltimore, leadership influence, losing your team, and leadership from the life of King David. There is something here for you!

5 Thoughts on Leadership from the Life of David  “I love reading about King David. From his time in the wilderness and serving as king, good and bad, we learn a great deal about leadership and what is required to successfully lead by observing David.” Ron Edmondson provides some clear and compelling learning principles from this biblical great.

When It’s Safe To Rely On Intuition (and When It’s Not)  “We often use mental shortcuts (heuristics) to make decisions. There is simply too much information coming at us from all directions, and too many decisions that we need to make from moment to moment, to think every single one through a long and detailed analysis. While this can sometimes backfire, in many cases intuition is a perfectly fine shortcut.  However, intuition is helpful only under certain conditions.” This comes from Connson Chou Locke on the HBR Blog. There are some valuable principles here regarding the art of decision making.

Be Aware Of How You Are Influencing And Learn From It  “All of us are influenced by people, places, events and situations all of the time. Sometimes we are affected more or less by these things, but we are continually being influenced by what happens around us. It’s also true to say that we cannot NOT influence those around us, so the trick is to become conscious influencers.” This post is by Kevin Watson on his Leadership Coaching blog.

What To Do When Your Team Leaves  “Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company or tending a small church, you’ll experience staff turnover. Sometimes it’s small. Other times it’s a major blow. One team member leaves and then another. Then another and the more. It’s like a dam broke and the water cleared out everyone you thought would always be there.” Joseph Lalonde share some practical insights regarding this common challenge.

A Baltimore Teacher’s Perspective on So-Called “Thugs”  ““Thug,” “animal,” “criminal,” “monkey.” These are phrases I’ve heard tossed around all week in regard to my students and other students throughout Baltimore City following Monday evening’s “Purge” and subsequent riots.”

This has been a difficult week in light of the tensions in Maryland. As leaders we need to continuously grow in our perspective and understanding of culture and race. This is an important piece to read and consider.

There are the 5 for this week. Read well. Lead well.

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