5 for Leadership-May 30th


5 for Leadership for this final week of May includes posts on hurtful and helpful leadership beliefs, Lincoln on leadership, leaders vs Millennials, special ops leadership, and the important topic of pastors and porn. Take a look at more than one of these great posts.

Lincoln’s Leadership  This comes from a friend of mine named Jay Lorenzen. He is an avid Civil War historian, a good leader, and a student of leadership. You will want to read through and incorporate his 5 principles of leadership from the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Leaders vs Millennials-Who’s Changing Who?  “Attitudes toward work are changing. Younger people entering the workplace want different things than people did a generation ago. They expect different opportunities from their employers, and they want to work differently than their employers want them to. As leaders, we have to ask ourselves, will we change or will they?” This comes from Joanie Connell on the Lead Change Group blog and she does a good job at looking towards both sides of the issue.

13 Beliefs That Hold You Back  “If feelings were always right . . . failure would be extinct.” This is Dan Rockwell at his best again. He provides us with two categories of beliefs . . . those that will hold us back and those that will life us high . . . in 300 words or less.

Why Special Ops Stopped Relying So Much On Top-Down Leadership  “To succeed in this environment, today’s leaders must focus on using persuasion rather than direction to lead their own networks toward a common goal.” Chris Fussell does a great job of taking a look both at historical leadership and current day tactical leadership to make a case for the power of persuasion. This is a great read.

15 Ways That Pastors Ignore Their Porn Problem  “Most pastors struggle with porn. I was part of the first wave of men who got sideswiped by porn when the internet made that world instantly accessible. I still wig out a bit when I hear that dial-up tone from my old AOL days. I hit rock bottom in 1998 and still have the scars to prove it.” Matt Adair writes a very heartfelt and necessary post towards a critical need. This comes from his blog and web site called Gridiron. This post is for any leader.

There are the 5 for this week. I hope you are staying dry where you are . . . because it wont stop raining in Texas.

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