5 for Leadership-August 8th


Here is a fresh 5 for Leadership with some fascinating topics, including the value of reading for leadership, why coffee drinkers succeed, ethnic diversity in leadership, walking meetings, and the real work of leaders. This is worth your time.

10 Reasons Why People Who Read A Lot Are More Likely To Be Good Leaders

“Reading is currently on a global decline. The statistics and polls behind this pattern are frightening because the shortage of readers means there will be a shortage of leaders. There is no disputing it: reading offers you the platform to become a leader. Famous leaders from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk engage in a lot of intellect-building by reading books. This is what reading offers when it comes to leadership.”

8 Reasons Why Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Succeed

“Most times what you need to get plugged into a project is that shot of caffeine. Coffee does it for me, from the smell to the flow into the cup and that intense swallow. It gets me on the drive. While others are worried about the intensity, for me it’s perfect. I get energy only coffee can provide. I can’t help but remind the worriers of the wonders coffee does to their chances for success. Read this article if you’re hesitant about coffee, and consider all the benefits you stand to gain.”

Dear White Leaders: Ethnic Minorities Excel at More Than Just Minority Ministry

“As a white male in ministry who has had the privilege of getting to know many of my ethnic minority colleagues over the years, I’d like to dispel a notion that has crept into the psyche of many of us white leaders. A number of us have come to live as if ethnic minorities are only good at reaching their own people.” This is an excellent post from missioeric and posted on The Future of College Ministry site.

How To Do Walking Meetings Right

“A walking meeting is simply that: a meeting that takes place during a walk instead of in an office, boardroom, or coffee shop where meetings are commonly held. Nilofer Merchant wrote in HBR about her own transition to walking meetings after realizing that, like many Americans, she was sitting way too much while working.” This come by way of the HBR Review.

The Real Work Of Leaders

“Leading begins when the performance of others becomes a top priority.” This quality post is by the Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell.

There are the 5 for this week. Take another look.

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