5 for Leadership-August 15th


Here is a new 5 for Leadership and here are the topics: 17 marriage lessons (the greatest leadership challenge?), listening mistakes that leaders make, pragmatic leader or idealist leader, presenting to senior leadership, and what does it look like to truly take charge as a leader? Choose more than one post and grow your leadership.

Leaders Lead-Take Charge and Move Out

“For leadership to be authentic, we have to make decisions and take risks. The reason we’re hired into a position of leadership is to do just that; and if we’re too timid to use the authority our boss gives us then we’re not doing our jobs.” This post comes from the General Leadership blog.

Are You an Idealist or Pragmatic Leader?

“In general, business leaders can be split into two distinct groups based on their strategic thinking patterns. Most leaders are either pragmatics or idealists. Yes, they might walk a fine line between the two, but ultimately, one will always be more dominant than the other.” This post was penned by Susan Gunelius on the Women in Business blog.

5 Listening Mistakes Leaders Make  

“Though many leaders put much of their focus into their communication skills, listening can be one of your most influential skills. But to influence others, you need to avoid sparking their resistance. When practicing authentic listening, here are five actions to avoid.” This post comes from Jesse Lahey on the Engaging Leader blog.

10 Tips For Presenting To Senior Leaders

“Presenting to senior leaders can be nerve-racking at best. You’ve got a short window of time to articulate your passionate point of view or showcase the outcome of your team’s good work.” Karin Hurt wrote this post for the Lead Change Group blog.

17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage (lessons 13-17)

“Tasha and I recently celebrated 17 Years of Marriage! Part of this year’s anniversary celebration included some time for Tasha and I to reflect on lessons from our first 17 years of marriage.” This post is from Justin Irving on the Purpose in Leadership blog.

There are the 5 for this week in the middle of a hot August in Austin, Texas. I hope you are staying cool and refreshing your leadership.

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