5 for Leadership-August 29th


This week in 5 for Leadership we have topics ranging from the NFL to important questions–like Where did all the good leaders go? and What are your hidden strengths? There are also great posts on exceptional leader traits and strong advice for young leaders. Take a look at one or several.

7 Traits of Exceptional Leaders

“Launching and leading a successful small business requires much more than a great idea. Effective and highly successful businesses have highly effective and successful leaders at the helm. And, let’s face it, not every entrepreneur is a natural leaders. The good news is that just like any other entrepreneurial skill, leadership must be cultivated and trained for. Those who train, lead better, live better and experience greater returns in their business.” This comes by way of Entrepreneur online–take a look.

Hard Advice For Young Leaders

“I have some hard advice for young leaders. Before I share , I feel the need to be clear — in case you’re a new reader — to assure you I’m a supporter of young leaders. Ask anyone I work with, or look at decisions we’ve made as a church, or the personal investments of my time into young leaders and you can clearly see I believe in the next generation of leaders. I only build my case of support, because this may be a hard word to receive.” Ron Edmondson shares some timely words for all of us.

Where Did All The Good Leaders Go?

Have you looked around lately? If you have, you might have been surprised to see a shocking lack of good leaders. We see leaders failing all around us.Leaders are failing in their marriages. Leaders are failing in their willingness to speak up for what is right. Leaders are failing in taking care of those they lead. Leaders are failing in their push for more.” Joseph LaLonde makes a strong case for the need for better leaders–and what leaders must pay attention to now.

What Are Your Hidden Strengths?

I am a big proponent of strengths-based leadership. As a matter of fact, I am certified in a tool that helps leaders become the best of who they are and meant to be. That is why I was fascinated by this blog post title on hidden strengths. This comes from Leading Blog. Take a look and see what you think of this premise.

Leadership Styles: 3 Things You Can Learn From The NFL’s Top Coaches

“With the start of the American National Football League (NFL) season around the corner, I thought it would be good to talk two of my favorite topics; leadership and football.” See what else Tommy Shavers has to say on the Linked2Leadership blog regarding NFL coaching and leadership.

There are the 5 for this week. Football season is right around the corner–that means fall is too. This is a good time to retool your leadership.

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