5 for Leadership-October 17th


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5 for Leadership this week includes posts on leadership prayers, leadership possibilities, leadership discomforters, the need for coaching, and leadership effectiveness. Take a few minutes and be inspired.

10 Principles of the Thorn

“Comfort isn’t a solution. Recurring problems fester when comforters win. But, if you allow pain to escalate, change eventually becomes necessary. Discomfort motivates change.” This is Dan Rockwell at his best.

Leading From The Land of Possibilities

“Whenever you launch a business or organization, launch day is a big day. It’s exciting and possibilities are endless.” Joseph LaLonde captures some powerful thoughts from Jeff Henderson at the Catalyst conference.

3 Indisputable Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Coach

“Everyone needs a coach. But, not everyone wants a coach or wants others to know that they need a coach.” Marshall Goldsmith Lays out some great principles for the value of coaching.

4 Components of Leadership Effectiveness

“When one talks about being successful at leading people and resources, they really mean being effective. It’s impossible to have one without the other. So the natural question arises; how do you truly know if your leadership is effective?” This comes from Christian Knutson on the General Leadership blog.

10 Good Prayers of an Effective Leader

Ron Edmondson gives us a list that may be the most important thing we read today–and pray.

There are the 5 for this week!

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