5 for Leadership-November 14th


5 for Leadership always provides a great collection of posts on the topic of leadership. This week there are topics covering a Veterans Day reminder, creativity and leadership, how to recover from being thrown under the bus, being a leader worthy of being followed, and the flourishing of our cities. There is a lot of variety this week–read more than one post.

My Secret Book Project (And The Amazing Family Behind It)

If you read any of the five posts highlighted this week you must read this one. Leadership comes in many forms. Anne Riley is a young adult fiction writer–and a leader. She has discovered a need and she has stepped in to make a meaningful contribution. That is what leaders do.

Veterans Day-Solemnly Remember

“I submit to you that we are surrounded, in your community, with opportunities to support our troops and veterans. In small towns across America, you’ll find veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Panama, Corsica, Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan. You may not have noticed them, but you can easily find them in various places–walking down the street, drinking a cup of coffee at work, at your kitchen table, in the cemetery…in your family.” This is a great, practical piece from the General Leadership blog.

12 Ways To Rise After Being Thrown Under The Bus

“Every leader has a few tread marks on their back. How deep they go depends on you. Being thrown under the bus means someone elevated their status and lowered yours in front of others.” Dan Rockwell addresses this common experience with some very practical and life-saving advice.

Be A Leader People Choose To Follow

“People follow leaders by choice. You can get compliance through imposing your authority, by coercion or manipulation, but you won’t be trusted and respected.” I always appreciate Jesse Lyn Stoner. This post reflects a lot of my beliefs on leadership character and followership. Be sure to take a look!

The Difference Christianity Could Make In The City

This final post comes by way of Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. My vocation focuses on city flourishing. Many of Tim’s thoughts have resonated with me as a leader. All of us long to live in cities that are flourishing–in every way a city should flourish. Take a look at his perspective on this timely topic.

There are the 5 for this week–take a few minutes and read more than one of these helpful posts.

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