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The Isolated Leader: Three Motivations for Peer Community

One of the greatest threats to leadership is isolation. The threat only grows as a leader rises in his or her status and scope of responsibility. Isolation leaves a leader without necessary data points. These necessary data points keep a leader grounded, humble, and self-aware. Without these points of reference, a leader is exposed to […]

Do You Have Soft Skills?

Do you have soft skills? Most leaders who have led for any length of time know something about strategic planning, problem-solving, vision-casting, or spreadsheets. Those qualities are often considered some of the “hard skills” of leading. But what about the soft skills? Soft skills are defined by personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and […]

The Leader’s Pitfalls: What Disqualifies Leaders? (Part 1)

Henry and Rochard Blackaby have been outstanding spokesmen for leadership and the Chrisitan faith for many years. Many have benefitted from Henry’s work on Experiencing God. That was a foundational workbook for my wife and I when we were “young” seminarians. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with Richard Blackaby while I served […]

The Power of the Leadership Narrative

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ryan Lochte, and Omran Daqneesh all have something in common from the past couple of weeks. They all had a measure of influence on us. They all began, sustained, or were caught in a leadership narrative. We live in a narrative culture. We crave story. We are drawn to the heroic, […]

The Language of Leadership

The language of leadership is valuable currency. A leader’s words matter. They matter a lot. Every word spoken by a leader is leveraged. That means that a leader’s words have great power and even greater consequences . . . more then the leader imagines. Therefore a leader must consider his or her words . . […]

Are We Getting The Leaders We Deserve?

It is a presidential election year in the U.S. I know I am stating the obvious because it has been one of the most interesting run-ups to an election in my lifetime. It was only two short months ago that there were  five viable candidates for the presidency. Yet the fascinating aspect was that none of […]