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Leadership and the Boston Marathon

I just completed my third Boston Marathon. It is truly an awesome race. There is no way the fans can be any better than in Boston. From beginning to end people cheer you on and offer any help they can. But the course is daunting and after three tries I feel like I am just […]

Leadership Out on a Limb

This is a picture of my daughter while we were on a family hike several years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were on the Deer Mountain trail when we came across this dead tree. It had probably been struck by lightning. It was an easy climber so both kids wanted to hop up […]

I think the time is right to write!

I guess I am not an early adapter. I like to think of myself as one who embraces change. But in reality I am a calculated risk guy. So for the past two years I have watched others “blog.” The very essence of blogging strikes me very much as an online journal. So I wondered […]