5 for Leadership (9/13/14)

small__5333201756Here is a new 5 for your leadership learning. There are posts on being a perfectionist, being a team leader, a podcast interview with Andy Stanley, some great quotes from Truett Cathy, and some survey insights on the aspirations of American laborers. Check out a few of these articles to inform your day.

What New Leaders Should Do First  “Getting people to work together isn’t easy, and unfortunately many leaders skip over the basics of team building in a rush to start achieving goals. But your actions in the first few weeks and months can have a major impact on whether your team ultimately delivers results. What steps should you take to set your team up for success? How do you form group norms, establish clear goals, and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to contribute?” This post is from the HBR Blog and contains some solid principles for new or old team leaders. It concludes with two good case studies that you could use with your team.

21 Leadership Quotes From Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-Fil-A  “Truett Cathy was an amazing man. More than the founder of Chick-Fil-A, he was a great leader. Sadly, Truett passed away on Monday. Even with his passing, his legacy doesn’t have to fade away. We can remember the man and the leadership he taught us.” This collection of quotes are informative and inspiring. They are worth your time.

Majority of Workers Don’t Aspire to Leadership Roles  “Most American workers are not aiming for the corner office, according to a new CareerBuilder survey. ” This is a fascinating look at the American workforce. Take some time to analyze this for yourself and who you lead. There are some worthy insights to be made.

How Andy Stanley Keeps Growing As A Leader (and other stuff)  Here is Carey Nieuwhof’s first leadership pod cast, which is a great interview with Andy Stanley. Scroll down and you will also find a wealth of links and quotes. The podcast is 40 minutes long. Download it and make some time to listen to it all.

Chasing The Wrong Goal  “I am a recovering perfectionist. Not fully cured, but getting better every day. I recently made some noticeable progress when I read about the dangers implicit in perfectionism. The article explained that when I try to be perfect, I have believed the lie that I could actually accomplish that goal. I have somehow convinced myself that, with enough hard work or practice or knowledge, I could truly eliminate all mistakes and errors in my life.” This final post is from a leader and a friend–Terry Morgan. She writes well and prods you to think. I don’t know of many leaders who have not struggled with the topic of this post. Slow down and take a look.

There are the 5 for this week. Take some time to grow your leadership!

5 for Leadership (9/6/14)

small_101655312Here is a new 5 for your football watching weekend. Take some time and add depth to your leadership perspective.

Empowering Your Team To Take Initiative  Empowerment is a word being tossed around a lot lately. This post does a good job of adding some clarity to this important concept.

Lead With Your Feet  “Whether you move across the room to shake a hand or travel around the globe to partake in local cuisine and share in the culture of a partner, the significance and impact of a firm handshake and face to face interaction cannot be overstated.” Kent Landreth give us some very practical and timely advice about cutting the virtual cord and getting out among your people.

The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Leaders  “It takes a real sense of personal commitment, especially after you’ve arrived at a position of power and responsibility, to push yourself to grow and challenge conventional wisdom.” Bill Taylor highlights the power of a monumental speech and the desperate need of every leader.

Groups Vs. Teams: What’s The Difference  “Although you likely have been part of both groups and teams in the past, do you understand the difference? What are the key distinctions between a group and a team?” This post from Justin Irving gives us some great definitions, contrasts, and needed principles for knowing when you should want a group or a team.

How Pastors Get Hired Today  “Applying for full-time vocational ministry positions does not mean what you probably think it means. The days of dropping a hundred resumes in the mail (or e-mail) are gone.” This is a very insightful post on the Gospel Coalition Blog for any and all in full time Christian ministry.

There are the 5 for this week. Roll Tide!

5 for Leadership (8/30/14)

small__168206195Here is fresh 5 for your Labor Day weekend. We have posts on intolerance, leading above the line, how to keep moving forward, the inner leadership circle of Jesus, and words that can change lives. Take a few minutes and click your way through. And have a great Labor Day!

The Jesus Inner Leadership Circle  “Jesus had an inner circle of leadership. It sounds exclusive. And it was. But you should have one too.” Ron Edmondson points us to several reasons why we should have a inner leadership circle and principles for developing one.

Coaching Conscious Leadership  “The first mark of conscious leaders is self-awareness and the ability to tell themselves the truth.  It matters far more that leaders can accurately determine whether they are above or below the line in any moment than where they actually are.  Distortion and denial are cornerstone traits of unconscious leaders.” John Agno defines above the line and below the line leadership and why it matters.

How To Change Lives With Two Words  “Tell people they’re inadequate long enough and they’ll believe it. Undermine their confidence with constant correction, tweaking, and complaints and they’ll pull back.” Dan Rockwell tells us how to instill belief and confidence in others. Take a look!

Be A Pioneer: Five Power Tips For Moving Onward  “Somewhere around the junior high school years, our U.S. history classes cover the compelling stories of trailblazing people venturing west—crossing the plains ISO (In Search Of) new country and treasures. As I remember studying those narratives, I marveled at how these explorers relied on their smarts, determined to know more and go beyond the boundaries.” Deborah Parker share some great principles for resilient leadership from a historical context. 

Spiritual Leaders Fight Against Intolerance  “We live in a world that is increasingly intolerant, one in which violence, untruthfulness, hate, mutual criticism abound, and people constantly and deliberately do hurtful things to others.” Dr. Leonard Doohan helps us spot intolerance in others and ourselves and provides us with ways to reject intolerant behavior.

There are the 5 for this Labor Day weekend. I hope you have a refreshing one and that something in this post actually adds to your leadership refreshment.

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Virtuous Leadership: Able To Teach

small__13979561493“Therefore an overseer must be . . . able to teach” 1 Timothy 3:2

This particular trait is especially important for the spiritual leader.

We are also informed by a similar verse in Titus 1:9 that states, “that he may be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.”

I believe the primary weight of this virtue is on “establishment” and “correction.” The leader must be able to establish those he leads in core doctrines of the faith. And he must be able to correct those who stray from core doctrines. This is essential to helping people walk in true faith.

This requires dedication to a skill to become one who is “able to teach.”

This requires a life that resembles one who is faithful to sound doctrine and can discern truth from error.

This requires the patience of a servant leader who will take the time necessary to fulfill this duty.

Are you able to teach?

5 for Leadership (8/23/14)

images-4Here are 5 new posts from this past week on the topic of leadership. There are some new authors here–click through and take a look.

The 3 Hard Skills Women Aspiring to Leadership Need  This is a really good post written by Cari E. Guittard in the Huffington Post Blog. These three skills are worthy for men and women to consider!

10 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Father  Here is another piece from the Huffington Post Blog by Laura Senior Garcia. “. . . the lessons that I have learned from my father have had the biggest impact on me and will stay with me throughout my life-long leadership journey.”

Tom Peter’s Leadership Thoughts: Listening  Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, has some great brief videos on different aspects of leadership. Here is one on the importance of listening. At on 3 minutes and 37 seconds this is worth the time.

The Power Paradox of Leadership  “Ivan Satyavrata is the senior pastor of Assembly of God Church in Kolkata, India. He launched the Friday afternoon session of the 2014 Global Leadership Summit with a talk about power. I recorded these takeaways from his message.” This pithy piece comes from Tim Stevens on his blog Leading Smart

Lies Pastors Believe  This is an insightful post by J.R. Briggs. I think the title speaks for itself.