Mission & Innovation

The second half of my week in Spain was spent at Montserrat–a 1000 year old Benedictine community north of Barcelona. The setting was incredible. The focus of the time was a conference on Mission and Innovation within the church. Alan Hirsch, coauthor of The Shaping of Things to Come, was the guest lecturer. Representatives from some nine different European countries and the U.S. were present.

Hirsch laid a foundation for why he believes that the current model of church will not be effective in reaching the 80-85% of the unreached peoples of the world. He cited statistics
showing the rapid decline of the current established church–noting that the current models are that of church growth and the attracitonal model.

Hirsch argued for six core elements of missional DNA that he feels are essential if the church is to survive and be effective in today’s postmodern setting: first and foremost, the clear biblical principle that Jesus is Lord; second, a Missional Icarnational Impulse; third, an Apostolic environment; fourth, Disciple Making; fifth, Organic Systems; and sixth, Communitas.

There were some great exchanges within the group as we sought together to figure out what it might take to become a more missional movement in Western Europe and the U.S. More later on each of the core elements.

I think the time is right to write!

I guess I am not an early adapter. I like to think of myself as one who embraces change. But in reality I am a calculated risk guy. So for the past two years I have watched others “blog.” The very essence of blogging strikes me very much as an online journal. So I wondered if anyone would really want to read my journal. I also wondered if I wanted anyone to read my journal–because I would not let most of you read my hand written journals from my college years forward. Then I began to realize that blogging was not about writnig for you–necessarily. It is more of an opportuntiy for me to get some things out of my head and into print. In the process it helps take fleeting thoughts and begins to drive them deeper into my soul. I have known for years that my thoughts become much more cogent when I get them out in print. At least they become more cogent to me. Most of my offerings will deal with the topic of leadership. It is a passion of mine. I love thinking about, reading about, and talking about leadership–primarily spiritual leadership. I enjoy being around other leaders and learning from them. I enjoy trying to help leaders in any way I can. And as I close in on 50 years of age–I am beginning to sense that maybe I have something to offer leaders. You will have to be the judge of that. So if my future postings seem a little rambling–just know that I am trying to work something out. Maybe the next translation will be better. Let me know–happy blogging!