5 for Leadership-December 26th


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For the week between the holidays, here is a fresh 5 for Leadership. This week there are posts on leadership basics, leadership habits, best leadership reads from 2015, and making the best leadership decisions. There is also one great video presentation on colorblindness and culture consciousness. This is a good week to consider your leadership life . . . some of these links may help.

7 Basic Things Every Great Leader Should Know

“In a recent survey, only 3 percent said they have confidence in corporate executives. The news was equally dismal for others: 3 percent reported having confidence in government officials, 5 percent in reporters and journalists, 8 percent in small business owners, and only 11 percent in ministers and clergy.” I included Lolly Daskal again this week–take a look at these leadership principles as you start a new year

Develop This One Habit in 2016 and You’ll Be The Most Popular Person in the Room

“Decades ago, when a friend of mine and I were both young and ill-educated about the ways of the world, he said, ‘Betty, this is why guys and girls are so different. When guys have a problem, they want to hear solutions. When girls have a problem, all they want to do is have you listen to them on and on and they don’t want to hear solutions.’ He was both right and wrong. Wrong in his overall gender assumptions, but right in one very critical way.” Find out what it is . . . from Betty Liu on Linkedin Pulse.

The 15 Best Business Books I Read in 2015

“I’m pleased to share the fifteen books that I enjoyed the most in 2015 – they made an impression on me, and I think they’re worth reading (or listening as I usually do).” See what Chris Fralic recommends–and grab a few for your personal reading list in the new year.

Adam Edgerly: From Colorblind to Culture Conscious

Adam is a pastor and leadership consultant. We at Cru City have been engaging with Adam for over a year now and he has proven to be invaluable in helping us embrace change. If you have the time, this is an excellent video presentation by Adam at Biola Univeristy on this critical topic.

How To Make Confident Decisions And Stand By Them

“I’ve spent countless nights wide awake, mulling over a leadership decision. Did I do the right thing? Was the choice I made best for the ministry and everyone involved? Even when I feel confident making a decision, I often second-guess myself later.” Kristine Brown uses the narrative of 2 Samuel 6 in the Bible to provide us with some solid principles on decision making . . . found in Leadership Journal.

There are the 5 for this last week in 2015. Take some quality time this week to reflect on your leadership as you prepare for 2016.

5 for Leadership-May 16th

Here is a new 5 for Leadership for the middle of May. There are posts on new leadership lenses, the need for wise leaders, a great infographic on leadership etiquette around the world, essential feedback, and a list of great resources for spiritual leaders. Take a few minutes and expand your leadership horizons.

Business Etiquette Around The World  This comes from the Linked2Leadership blog and I included it because I like infographics. It serves as a quick primer for those who lead in a global context. The graphic covers both greeting etiquette and proper conduct in meetings.

A Cry For Wise Leaders  This comes from Cassandra Ferguson on the Lead Change Group blog. “A wise leader will come up with a strategy, know who to call for assistance, and speak in a way that will bring order.” This is a great post, taken from example of Baltimore, and applied to leadership broadly. Take a look.

A Stunning, New Leadership Lens  “As a 21st century Extreme Leader and life-long learner, you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself, not just for your own advancement, but also for the greater good. You know that you alone can’t make a difference of consequence; you can’t change the World (or world) by yourself–the performance of your team, your organization, and your community is essential to actualizing your own personal mission and achieving the specific outcomes you envision.” Steve Farber shares some great insights and invites you to a free webinar.

How To Get The Feedback You Need  “You need feedback to learn and grow, and if you’re waiting for your annual review to find out how you’re performing, you’re not getting enough of it. But how do you get the focused input you need?” Carolyn O,Hara shares some very practical advice on this essential topic–from the HBR blog.

10 Books From 2014 That Every Preacher Should Read  We all need good resources to grow as leaders and stay fresh. Al Mohler has provided a good list of reading resources for every spiritual leader.

There are the 5 for this week. Lead in such a way that all who come into your presence are enriched and made better.

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5 for Leadership (12/27/14)

medium_7720962Here is a new 5 for Leadership as we stand between Christmas and the New Year. There are posts to help you prepare for 2015, how to be miserable as a leader, and the best leadership books of this past year. Take a few minutes and take a look.

The Best Leadership Books of 2014  “As leaders we must learn and grow. We must be creative and innovative in our organizations but perhaps more importantly, in working on ourselves. The context we lead in requires nothing short of radical personal development. All of the following titles cover an aspect of this need.” This comes from the Leading Blog and may open your eyes to some titles you missed.

70 New Years Resolutions for Leaders  “With only about a week left of 2014, it’s time to select your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. To get you started, how about selecting one or more of these 70 New Year’s resolutions for leaders?” This comes from Eric Jacobson and will get your thoughts flowing on what to change and improve for 2015.

Leaders As Curators  “Your role as the day-to-day leader in an organization is to be the curator of content. You must bring other voices to speak to the issues your team needs to hear. You can’t say it all and they won’t listen to you all the time anyway.” See what else Jenni Cartron has to say about this unique perspective.

How To Be A Miserable Leader  “Each morning, as soon as you awake, recite these few lines to be a miserable ministry leader:” That should get you going. This is a pithy, brief post–and worth your time–from Scott Couchenour.

10 Ways To Build Success in 2015   This last one comes from Dan Rockwell–need I say more? These leadership principles will also get your juices stirring for what you need to do in 2015.

There are the 5 for this week. Take some time in the next few days and prepare for the year ahead.

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5 for Leadership (6/14/14)

small_101655312Here is new 5 for this week in June. We have posts on helping your team focus, healthy delegation, effective leadership, leadership reading–and a post focused on Farther’s Day. Enjoy!

7 Daily Rituals of Highly Effective Leaders  “You can learn everything you need to learn in order to achieve anything, but you can never change your leadership until you change your rituals.” See what Lolly Daskal has to say regarding these important suggested rituals. 

The Top 20 Leadership Books for a New Manager   Eric Jacobson provides us with a great list of books for any leader, new or seasoned.

5 Necessary Ingredients for Healthy Delegation  My most popular post since the inception of my blog has been on the topic of delegation. This is a critical topic for getting work done and for raising up more leaders. Ron Edmondson adds to the conversation with this insightful post.

Helping Your Team Prioritize When Everything Is important  “Prioritizing and balancing competing priorities are essential elements of the leadership dance. Knowing what to move to the top of the list when, and how to keep the other plates spinning at the same time takes practice. Help your team recognize the common traps that are sabotaging their ability to prioritize well.” Karin Hurt gives us some creative categories for team members and how to help them.

When Father’s Day Hurts  This final post is not so much about leadership directly–or is it? Heather Nelson takes on a personal journey in dealing with this all important influence in all of our lives. Fathers matter and they shape our influence. Since the day we celebrate our dads is this Sunday, it seemed appropriate to offer this well written post.

There are the 5 for this week. Lead well–and if you are a dad, celebrate well!

5 for Leadership (4/5/14)

small__3559519488This week in 5 for Leadership we have posts dealing with the dumbing nature of leadership power, fresh leadership books, leadership development, managing leadership energy, and the pathway towards vibrant ministry. I hope you find something that will inspire your leadership!

7 Reasons Smart Leaders Get Dumb  “Power makes leaders dumb. The more power you gain the dumber you get. There are at least seven dumbing effects of power.” This is from Dan Rockwell–always good!

First Look: Leadership Books for April 2014  Each month the Leading Blog provides its readers with a peak at some new leadership books, each with a little bio and summary. Take a look for April.

Let’s Stop Pushing “Development” As A Cheap Replacement For Training  This is a very interesting perspective from the Great Leadership blog. Organizations must make wise budgetary decisions regarding employee development. But there are times when good, solid training is necessary. See what you think.

How To Create An Energy Management List And Why Every Leader Should Have One  Carey Nieuwhof provides us with a three step process to getting things done. The key is to manage our energy and not just our tasks. “The secret to increasing your joy: do what you’re best at when you’re at your best.”

3 Pillars of a Strong, Dynamic Ministry  “When it comes to leading a strong ministry and building a healthy church, it takes more than solid theology or smart strategy. In fact, it takes a combination of those, plus the Spirit’s leading and empowerment. I think of these three as pillars of a dynamic ministry.” This comes from Brandon Cox on his personal blog. Take a look at some of his other posts too.

There are the 5 for this week. Enjoy.

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