5 for Leadership (4/23/12)

Here is a fresh 5 for this fourth week in April.

7 Dangers of the Proud Leader  This comes from Ron Edmondson.  Proverbs 16:8 says, “Pride goes before destruction.”  Ron offers up seven potential aspects of pride in a leader’s life.  This is a good opportunity to look in the mirror and heed the warning.

If I Spoke At Your Leadership Conference  This comes from Tim Milburn.  I just highlighted Tim on my last “5 for Leadership” and I thought you would benefit from this post too.  Tim works with university student leaders and provides five solid leadership principles from which he would design conference content.  Take a look and see if you are hitting on these principles as you develop leaders.

Three Leadership Lessons I Learned Through Tragedy   This is a very good guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog.  This comes from John Tiller who experienced a traumatic episode with his young son.  Here is a statement from John in the post-let it motivate you to read the whole thing: Crisis creates defining moments because it reveals the decisions we have already made.  This is a touching and profound article.  Take a look.

Getting Naked: The Importance of Vulnerability in Service  This is a post from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit back in August of 2011.  It comes from Patrick Lencioni.  I found this important because of some recent research I did on the longing of followers for authentic leaders-leaders who can share their whole lives.

Leadership Character: The Role of Reflection   This final post is from Col. Eric Kail.  Col. Kail speaks to the need to take time and truly reflect on our leadership experiences, both good and bad-so that we can truly learn from them.  He also speaks to the important role of a mentor in reflection.  Look below this post to find the rest of his series on leadership character.

There are the 5 for this week.  Lead well!

5 for Leadership (3/15/12)

Here is “5 for Leadership” for the 3rd week in March. I hope you will be informed and encouraged.

One Thing Every Young Leader Needs To Hear This is a post from Ben Reed and was found on This is a web site aimed directly at the Millennial generation of leaders and quite insightful. Ben is a pastor in Tennessee and offers some good thoughts for young leaders-and one phrase of encouragement they must hear. By the way, Ben’s web site is worth a look too and the link is at the bottom of the post.

Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs This is an oped piece from the NY Times. The author is Greg Smith who has been an Executive Director with Goldman-until today. This is worth the read and has been trending on Facebook and Twitter. I love how it speaks to leadership culture and integrity.

6 Characteristics of Spiritual Leaders I often highlight what Michael Hyatt writes. If you missed this post this week-here’s a second chance. Hyatt distinguishes between spiritual leadership and other forms of organizational leadership and then offers six functions or traits of a true spiritual leader.

Good Churchmanship This comes from Tim Challies, who is well known in reformed circles. I really enjoy his blog and is one of the few to which I subscribe. Tim is a thoughtful writer and I really like this post that compares sportsmanship with churchmanship-and what has been lost with both concepts. This is a good read for the leader and follower.

The Empire of Entitlement This final post is from Pete Wilson who is the pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville. Pete writes a great exhortation about the dangers of our culture of entitlement-and how it can really threaten our leadership. He highlights Deuteronomy 8 and reminds us well that there is one God-and it is not us.

There are 5 for this week-lead well!

5 for Leadership (12/23/11)

Here is the Christmas week 5 for Leadership.  I am going “Country” on you this week-all of these bloggers reside in the Nashville area.

A Leader Must Know When to Ask for Help-This is thoughtful post by a branding expert named Maurilio Amorim.  He provides 10 tangible benefits of wise counsel.  This is a post to protect you from yourself-because none of us are wise enough on our own to lead well.

Interview With Matt Hasselbeck-This comes from Pete Wilson’s blog and is a video interview with the Titan’s quarterback.  Pete is a one of the pastors of Cross Point Church in Nashville (actually, there are five different campuses for the church).  The quarterback of any football team has to be a leader.  Every play begins with him.  This is a great 35 minute interview with Matt including several applicable leadership principles embedded in the conversation.  Also, check out Pete’s other posts–they are worthy.

How to Create The Kind of Team Unity That Drives Results-This is another gem from Michael Hyatt.  Leading teams requires both the science and art of leading.  In this practical post Michael talks about three kinds of team unity and five steps toward team alignment.  This is a great primer for heading into 2012 with better designs for your team.

Help Them Believe-This one comes from Jenni Cartron who is the Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville.  This is brief post that begins with this opening phrase: “Leaders, it’s your job to help people believe…”  Read and see what you think.  Check out some of Jenni’s other posts while you are there.

My Advice For Young Leaders-Soles4Souls has become one of the fastest growing non-profits in the country.  Wayne Elsey is the CEO-take a look at his “About” section of his blog after you read this post.  In this post there are four good pieces of advice for any young leader.  For that matter, any leader would benefit from Wayne’s practical points.  Take a look.

There you have it for this week-5 from Nashville.  I hope that you enjoy these and that you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!