5 for Leadership (6/14/14)

small_101655312Here is new 5 for this week in June. We have posts on helping your team focus, healthy delegation, effective leadership, leadership reading–and a post focused on Farther’s Day. Enjoy!

7 Daily Rituals of Highly Effective Leaders  “You can learn everything you need to learn in order to achieve anything, but you can never change your leadership until you change your rituals.” See what Lolly Daskal has to say regarding these important suggested rituals. 

The Top 20 Leadership Books for a New Manager   Eric Jacobson provides us with a great list of books for any leader, new or seasoned.

5 Necessary Ingredients for Healthy Delegation  My most popular post since the inception of my blog has been on the topic of delegation. This is a critical topic for getting work done and for raising up more leaders. Ron Edmondson adds to the conversation with this insightful post.

Helping Your Team Prioritize When Everything Is important  “Prioritizing and balancing competing priorities are essential elements of the leadership dance. Knowing what to move to the top of the list when, and how to keep the other plates spinning at the same time takes practice. Help your team recognize the common traps that are sabotaging their ability to prioritize well.” Karin Hurt gives us some creative categories for team members and how to help them.

When Father’s Day Hurts  This final post is not so much about leadership directly–or is it? Heather Nelson takes on a personal journey in dealing with this all important influence in all of our lives. Fathers matter and they shape our influence. Since the day we celebrate our dads is this Sunday, it seemed appropriate to offer this well written post.

There are the 5 for this week. Lead well–and if you are a dad, celebrate well!